Cute blonde has her 3D boobs milked

Check out this free toon gallery of a cute 3D slut hooked up to a machine for the sole purpose of getting her perky tits milked. One of the artists from 3D Love Dolls has created this artistic contraption and clamped this poor girl into it. There metal clamps securing her shapely legs and ankles to the machine while spreading her legs slightly so we can see her shaved pussy. Her flat stomach is left exposed but giant suction devices cover those pert little titties of hers. When the machine reclines back it forces her legs farther so the machine can insert a dildo into her tight pussy. The machine applies suction to her boobs and the artist has actually made the flesh look very realistic as it is pulled milk is pulled from her tits. Be sure to check out the picture of this adorable blonde and the other sexy virtual girls at 3D Love Dolls.

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